Welcome to Rascal Remedies. My name is Kylie, I formed Rascal Remedies, to assist animal owners with animal behavioural and health problems using natural remedies. I have worked in animal care for the past 15 years and have had a life long passion for animals and their welfare. My first dog, 'Linus' a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, not only dragged me around the backyard and protected me from the world, he also taught me the trust and the bond that animals create with us. Linus started
me on my path of caring for a varitable menagerie of animals of all shapes and sizes; from horses to mice and most everything between. When I left school l obtained a job as a veterinary nurse and then went on to get a Advanced Diploma of Veterinary Nursing. As time went on l worked at various other clinics and a Veterinary Hospital where l gained experience in emergency surgery, post op care, handling wildlife, dog grooming and even conducting puppy pre-schools.

From my experience with animals (and owners) I am very much aware of how the emotional imbalances that occur when an animal is sick or through jealously, anger or grieving can cause illness, the same as it does in humans. When it comes to diagnosing illness or diseases and treating physical problems in our animals, Vets are essential. When it comes to treating problems stemming from emotional stresses, I believe we should move away from standard drug treatments,
which can lead to a relapses or prolong an illness, to the more holistic and sustainable methods of natural remedies.

During my time at the veterinary hospital l met a number of vets and nursing staff who were interested in natural therapy and had many discussions with these animal health professionals and with animal owners on the over use and long term effects of drug therapy. l decided to study for a Diploma of Natural Therapy for Animals and along the way l attended many seminars on Flower essence. I found them a safe natural way to assist animals emotional problems. I have since spent years using flower essences in vet clinics, before and after surgery to assist in recovery, and also at home on my own menagerie which now includes 3 dogs, 2 horses, 2 alpacas, 20 chooks, 2 roosters and a duck, not including the numerous amounts of wildlife that people bring to me and for which l have had great results.