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  Does your animal conceal distress behind an apparently normal exterior
  Is your animal 'jumpy', 'edgy' or spook easily
  Displays uncertain, erratic behaviour
  Weak willed and lack assertiveness
  Fails to learn from past experiences, repeats the same mistakes
  Attention Seeker, clinging behaviour, lacks confidence
  Lacks interest in present circumstances
  Is very unclean
  Feels inadequate or overwhelmed by situations
  Does your animal become discouraged or give up easily
  Is your animal bad tempered, snaps at you, seeks revenge
  Tired, weak, or sick. Has an inability to cope due to weariness
  Exhausted, worn out but never gives up
  Appears to be giving up, lack energy
  Down in spirit, depressed for no known reason
  Lacks cooperation, is impatient
  Over protective, suffers excessive fear and anxiety for others
  Has difficulty adjusting to new circumstances
  Does your animal seem over enthused or acts impulsively
  Is it dominating, a bully or territorial
  Tends to Sulk
  Is your animal restless or suffers from obsessive behaviour
  Tends to be withdrawn or reserved especially when ill
  Has great abilities but lacks direction
  Lacks confidence, has a fear of failure
  Does your animal have a
fear of a specific nature:
  Has your animal ever suffered any form of
shock or trauma:
  Further comments
regarding your animals behaviour:

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