Dr Edward Bach discovered flower essences in the early 1930's. Since then there use has become popular not only with humans but have shown excellent results in helping pets with many behavioural, emotional and physical conditions. Physical health conditions often manifest from deeper emotional imbalances. A remedy made from flower essences can be created to suit the individual pet's personality and to help solve problems arising
from such imbalances.

Anxiety, jealousy, loneliness, resentment and other stresses can affect pets just as they affect people, causing a number of health related conditions. In cases like this it is necessary to work on the pet's emotional wellbeing, rather than treating the physical symptoms alone.

Pet's may also react to fears or insecurity by developing behavioural problems, such as excessive barking, biting and aggression. In cases like these a flower essence should be combined with appropriate training to treat both the cause and result.

Flower essences can also be used for animals that have been abused or abandoned in the past, helping to restore their trust and confidence. Separation anxiety, territorial spraying,

urinating or defecating inside, and many other situations may benifit from the use of appropriate flower essences.

To find a flower essence remedy specifically suited to your pet, fill in our consultation form. A number of premixed products for a variety of uses can also be found in our catalogue.

Please note: All advice is given in good faith, and is not intended to replace a veterinary examination and diagnosis. Please consult a veterinary surgeon if you are worried about your pet.