Dog/Staffy - Beau
"As you are aware, Beau was very stressed when we brought him to you earlier this year. He was suffering from anxiety, which in turn made him anti-social, aggressive to others and over protective of my partner and me. He was also suffering from a loss of fur on his face and stomach.

But now after the use of the Bach Flower remedy that you made for him, Beau is back to his social, loving and happy self. Within the first week we noticed a difference and he just kept getting better after that. Since then we have moved again with no apparent effect on him at all."

__L Callec (Victoria, Australia) Add your own testimonial

Cat - Simba
"As you know, two years ago Simba was hit by a car and his left leg was badly broken. He had to undergo three operations on his leg to repair the damage. He eventually had to have a metal plate and a bone graft.

It took a long time for Simba to heal physically. After his accident Simba became increasingly aggressive. Frequently Simba would run at my face scratching and biting at me like a feral animal. All the while hissing and screaming. These episodes did not result from me being mean to Simba but rather as I was patting him or simply walking through the house past him.
His behaviour was so bad at times that I thought after everything with his accident I was going to have to part with him. The thought of that had me distraught.

So I came and collected the bottles of Flower Remedies you prepared for Simba. After a couple of day's we noticed a big improvement. Simba was a
lot calmer and you could nurse him and you could play with him without fear of being attacked. Then we moved to the second bottle of drops and by the time this bottle was finished I thought I had a new cat.

Simba is now a loving member of our family. I can't tell you just how grateful
I am to you for helping me. Simba seemed so unhappy before, but now he runs around playing and getting cuddles all the time. There are still times when he gets a bit aggressive, we still have a bottle of Rescue Remedy for these occasions."

__M Coggins (Victoria, Australia) Add your own testimonial